In1946 a Gospel meeting was conducted in Millington on the corner of Wilkinsville Road and Easley. The meeting ran from September 15th through the 25th. A congregation of about 24 members was established during this meeting. The congregation met for worship and Bible study in the home of brother and sister B.L. Howard for about a year. When the church outgrew the Howard's home, the management of the Strand Theater offered their building for the church's use on Sunday morning. This continued for about a year while the church's building was under construction. In September 1949 the congregation began worshipping in the new building on the corner of Wilkinsville Road and North Aveue. In February 1969 the congregation moved to its present location on Raleigh-Millington Road. Two additions have been made to the church's facilities at this location. Since 1979 the congregation continues to grow reaching out to our community in Millington.